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vendredi 6 septembre 2013

Flash Atlas Dongle Version D1.26 04-09-2013

Flash Atlas Dongle Version D1.26 04-09-2013

Hi everybody, the new version of Dongle Software is available in the downloads section it’s versionD1.26.
  • Added :(AtlasA new wroking dongle server on W3 [7° East] satellite. Also, the servers have been organized from the east most satellite to the west most satellite for those using motors. So the new order is: W6 [21° East], W3 [7° East], AB3 [5° West] andAB1 [12.5° West]. We promised to also include the NileSat server, but I totally forgot that the transponder is DVB-S2 which is not supported by the Atlas tuner. I am really sorry about it. We really hope that you will enjoy.
  • flashdz 

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